Carpet protection and deodorising

To go beyond carpet cleaning we offer carpet deodorising and carpet protection to all our clients. Your carpets may be spotless but we do not stop there. We get rid of any bad odours that may linger in your living room, stairs or any other carpeted places in your home. Some carpet dirt unfortunately leave an unwelcome smell that we will help you eradicate. When we take out the smells we will also protect your carpets reducing future smells and odours. This is available to all our customers in East Kilbride and surrounding areas.

We want your carpets to smell fresh for a very long time. After a deep thorough clean from us, we can spray some deodorant onto your carpets to leave them smelling just right for your home. You have to remember that whatever made your carpets dirty most likely left a smell too. We use a variety of sprayers for this – including industrial strength machines or hand sprayers. Call us today for help with carpet deodorising on 01355 303811.